Review: Paul Chapman

It was a huge pleasure for both the Politics and History of Art Societies to host Paul Chapman, nationally renowned Art Historian and permanent curator of the Longford Castle art collection. 

Paul was invited to share his expertise on Art in Politics and to explain the relationship between these two disciplines with reference to a wide range of artists. Using an engaging slide show he skilfully highlighted, linked and decoded the subtle themes and ideas incorporated in selected artists across three centuries. Referring to paintings by David, Delacroix, Diego Rivera and the late 19th century Australian painter, Tom Roberts, as well as the better known work of Banksy, he provided the pupils with a unique opportunity to make intelligent and thoughtful connections between both their Politics and Art A level courses.

It was an enormously enjoyable and stimulating presentation which had been crafted and targeted thoughtfully. My thanks to Paul Chapman for accepting the invitation.

Matt Gow
Head of Politics
Twitter: @MCol_Politics

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