Post-GCSE study trip

Eighteen pupils travelled last week to Italy for a post-GCSE study trip. The visit was centred on Rome, but included two days in the attractive cities of Arezzo in Tuscany and Ferrara in Emilia Romagna. 

The programme of study chiefly concerned History of Art, but also encompassed the Classical World, and Italian culture in general. Some students were able to build upon their knowledge of the Italian and Latin languages, and others enjoyed the Renaissance and Baroque art on show in places like Palazzo Barberini, Villa Borghese, Casa Vasari, and Palazzo Schifanoia. They also saw some important frescoes by Piero della Francesca, and experienced the sculptural wonders of Bernini.

After months of intense focus on GSCE preparation, the pupils very much enjoyed the exposure to new intellectual stimuli, not to mention the agreeable surroundings, hot temperatures, and numerous ice creams.

Dr Simon McKeown
Head of History of Art

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