Prefects’ Training Weekend

On the Saturday 18th June the new Prefects went on an overnight trip to Oxenwood for a training weekend supervised by Mr Gordon, Mr Finlay and Mrs Kiggell. The aim of the weekend was not to stick out as individuals, but to get to know each other and work as a unified Prefect team for the first time. 

After having settled into our rooms and having supper, we were all kindly invited to have a drink at The Royal Oak with the teachers and the Second Master. This was an opportunity for us to relax after having gone through the rigorous Prefect selection process and for many, a break from revision. On return to our accommodation, we were given the task of arranging a seating plan for the Heads of House and Prefect dinner due to happen on the Sunday. This proved to be a good taste of the challenges to come and the importance of working as a team. The night concluded, gathered around a bonfire, with marshmallows and party poppers to celebrate Jay Cooke’s 18th Birthday!

The next morning, we started with an introduction to the Prefect roles and duties from Mr Finlay and Mr Gordon. This gave us an outline and basic idea of weekly tasks and how we will carry them out. The presentation finished with a briefing on child protection and general welfare of the pupil body. Mrs Kiggell followed this on by talking to us about the identity and future of the new girls’ house next year, Dancy.

After a short tea break, Miss von Weissenberg gave us a lesson on public speaking. She pointed out some common mistakes and recommended ways in which we could engage more with the audience and therefore feel more confident in future. Our last session was led by Mr Gordon and was on the topic of charities and how, as a whole, we can start making larger contributions. ShelterBox and United World Schools were names that were discussed. The Prefects were enthusiastic and definitely willing to lead the first steps to further involvement of Marlborough in such charities.

The morning ended with a Q&A with the previous Heads of School prior to the final “Find Your Own Way Home” challenge. The Master and Second Master joined us for lunch providing us with the opportunity to discuss the role of prefects with them.

After lunch we were separated into small groups of four to five and informed that we were to walk back to Marlborough with a compass and map. I think it would be true to say the Prefects had a lovely time and are very grateful for the Beaks’ time over the weekend. We did all make it back in time for the Prefects and Heads of House dinner in the evening.

Hannah Cameron (IH L6) and Philip Springford (C3 L6)

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