Royal Artillery Visit

This week Lower Sixth cadets visited the Royal Artillery at Larkhill.

Commonly known as the ‘Gunners’, the Royal Artillery provides firepower to the British Army. The day was spent visiting the Gun line where the cadets had the chance to fire a 105 mm Light Gun they witnessed 3 105 mm Light Gun crews firing High Explosive and Smoke ammunition.

The cadets then had an opportunity to meet the Fire Team Commanders Course. The Fire Team Commanders are Officers and Soldiers who control where fire power is delivered on to the Battlefield from both Guns, Aviation or Fast Air (Jets).

After lunch the cadets visited serving soldiers and had the opportunity to talk to them about their role in the Artillery also getting to see and crawl over the many tracked vehicles of the Royal Artillery’s  equipment on show.

Many thanks to Colonel R Lee RA and his team at Larkhill Garrison for this opportunity.

SJ Bate 
SSI Marlborough College CCF

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