Review: Leon McCarron

Leon McCarron, film maker, writer and adventurer, visited Marlborough on Tuesday 24th January where he spoke to over 400 Marlburian Geographers about two of his recent journeys.

The first was a 1,000 mile walk over five months in 2016 from Jerusalem to Mt Sinai, through the West Bank, Jordan and Sinai. He took us beyond the struggles and tension of global media coverage to the good people, the uplifting stories and the connection, community and compassion that comes with travelling on foot through this fascinating region. Tourism has more or less died throughout the region and beliefs are becoming more polarised; however, Leon took us to local communities where mosques and churches sit side by side in harmony.

The second journey followed the 1834 route of Captain Fitzroy and a young Charles Darwin towards the source of the Santa Cruz river in Patagonia. Leon travelled on horseback from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Argentina in the foothills of the Andes and challenged us to consider the arguments for and against the proposed construction of two massive dams which will flood huge sections of the valley and change the ecosystem and landscape completely. Leon encouraged us all to find and pursue our own passion and not to drift into an unfulfilling life; travel offers an important possibility for self-knowledge and discovery.

Kevin Richards
Head of Geography

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