Chinese Trip to V&A and Chinatown

On Thursday 25th May, Remove Chinese pupils enjoyed a Chinese themed excursion to the V&A museum and Chinatown. 

The day began with a visit to the ‘China Room’ at the V&A. This is one of the most comprehensive and important collections of Chinese art outside East Asia, with pieces dating from 3000 BC to the present day.

Following this, we visited Chinatown where we sampled traditional cuisine including Peking Duck and Char Siu Pork. With our appetites satisfied, we continued exploring Chinatown, taking the opportunity to sample some Taiwanese bubble tea whilst speaking and ordering in Chinese. Throughout the day we followed a ‘Treasure Trail’ which provided many linguistic challenges and cultural encounters as we progressed through our itinerary.

Overall, it was a very good experience and extremely enjoyable for all of us.

Sam Holden (TU Re)

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