Tonight: Mound Trust Annual Lecture

The Master of Marlborough College and the Trustees of The Marlborough Mound Trust invite you to the Marlborough Mound Trust Annual Lecture.

Held in the Ellis Theatre on Monday 11th September 2017 (8pm), this year’s lecture will be Marlborough Castle and William Marshal – ‘the greatest knight who ever lived’ with the speaker Nigel Bryant.

William Marshal was regarded in his own lifetime as the greatest of all medieval knights. He rose in the course of his long life to be a central figure in the reigns of no fewer than four kings: Henry II, Richard Lionheart, John and Henry III.  Nigel Bryant will tell the story of the Marshal family’s strong connection with Marlborough Castle.

Bryant, who has translated a number of major works from medieval French, has recently translated Marshal’s remarkable biography, written in the 1220s shortly after his death. Based not least on stories told by Marshal himself and those close to him, the book’s intriguing references to events at Marlborough give fascinating insights into the castle’s importance and its very function.

Entry to the lecture is free.

For further details please contact the Marlborough Mound Trust, tel. 01672 892390.

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