Life After Marlborough

The Life after Marlborough lecture series came to a close on Wednesday 11th April with seven OMs coming back to give the Upper Sixth an insight into university life.

Some very interesting points were raised, one of which was that there is an opportunity of studying in Ireland for almost a third of the price of most UK universities. This is an extremely worthwhile option which many people ignore or dismiss too early on in the application process. Although all Irish courses are four years, they offer courses and combinations which cannot be studied in the UK.

Another area discussed was the issue of money while at university. One OM mentioned that a good way to stay on top of what you are spending your allowance on is to put your weekly allowance onto a Monzo card linked to a phone to help keep track of how much money you are spending and what it is being spent on. The possibility of applying for maintenance loans (as well as student tuition loans) was also mentioned, and it was noted how in London maintenance loans are up to £10,000, which can go towards helping with rent.

A striking point agreed upon by the whole OM panel was that students who have been to boarding schools such as Marlborough are at an advantage when starting university, as they have already had to deal with living away from home and they have had the opportunity to develop social skills for student community life. OMs advised us not to be at all worried about meeting people because all new students make an effort to make fresh acquaintances. Perhaps the best way to meet people not on your course or in your residence is through joining societies and clubs of interest. As well as enjoying the society’s activity it means you will inevitably meet like-minded people.

Dominic Coulson (C1 U6)

Our thanks go to the OM panel, comprising Jamie Quinn (LI 2011-2016), Bea Speelmans (IH 2014-2016), Georgia Ashworth (MO 2011-2016), John Cattermull (C3 2011-2016), Tom Cayford (LI 2011-2016), Archie Blair (CO 2011-2016) and Owen Hargrove (LI 2011-2016).

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