Review: Hannah Mills

Hannah Mills, a 470 class sailor with Olympic gold and silver medals, visited Marlborough on Sunday 15th April to speak to members of the College about her career journey so far and her commitment to becoming the most successful female sailor in the world.

Hannah’s first Olympic experience took place in London in 2012 where she achieved a silver medal with her partner Saskia Clark. This experience was one she had been dreaming of since she was a young girl and came about rather more quickly than she expected. This was major learning curve for Hannah and her partner. On reflection, they realized that they needed to be more prepared for any given situation, which is what they built on to go for gold.

Hannah and Saskia started training for Rio 2016 very soon after London, which meant they had almost four years of preparation under their belt, and this ultimately paid off. Interestingly, Hannah explained that the Rio Games did not create the same atmosphere as London; however, they pursued their goal and came out on top, beating the Kiwi girls to whom they had lost four years previously.

I took away from Hannah’s inspiring talk the way in which she maintained motivation, which was, overall, to never lose sight of the ‘big picture’ as this will keep you focused and help you to achieve your goals.

Lara Thompson (IH U6)

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