Peter Hall – Wasted Youth

ON Thursday 26th April the Remove attended a presentation by Peter Hall, from Wasted Youth.

Peter spoke about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but from a perspective that instantly caught the attention of the pupils. Firstly, he came from a very similar background to many of them: privately educated, a financially comfortable family, international and locquacious. Secondly, he had gone through the very worst of experiences in his battle with drugs and alcohol.

His story was touching and funny, but hard-hitting nonetheless. He spoke about his antagonism towards authority and his casual attitude towards drugs in his youth. He went on to describe how he bounced from one disaster to another, fuelling his problems with drugs but never blaming them. Thanks to the support of his family he survived but eventually they lost patience with him and he hit rock bottom. He finished by describing the last eleven years of being clean and how he has slowly turned his life around for the better.

Later, many of the pupils were talking and thinking about what he had said and are no doubt wiser for it, as they themselves enter into a period of their lives when these dangers and risks become ever more prevalent.

Simon Dennis
Head of Remove

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