Exhibition: Full Circle Half Knowledge

Every year Marlborough College hosts an Artist-in-Residence at the prestigious campus set in the ancient landscape of Wiltshire. Full Circle Half Knowledge is the culmination of Julia Schuster’s residency at the college. The exhibition at Mount House Gallery brings together new work that aligns body, object and nature.

Schuster’s primary medium is clay, which is combined with video, text and performance to form a meditative, personal and evolving practice. There was always the intention to bring the body and object together. During her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London, Schuster used gesture, touch and performance to introduce the body on clay. The sculptures became an extension of the body and an imprint of a forgotten gesture. Skin was the initiator and inhibitor. The residency at Marlborough College has brought nature into this equilibrium and shifts the paradigms of Schuster’s practice from within to outward. Thereby introducing lifecycles, natural rhythms, routines and historic rituals into her practice.

The exhibitionis rooted in Schuster’s time at Marlborough, a unique environment of rules and structure set inancient sites and sagas. It has brought forth primal questions. How does one exist in this world, how does one thrive? How do we learn, grow, love and build a legacy? How can we be whole? Where is home? How does one leave, move and start again?

The exhibition captures the subtle shifts in Schuster’s personal philosophy. The kind of flicker that leads to big gestures. It has deepened her dialogue with clay, challenged her methodology as an artist and made her question what happens next? What happens after the end?

And so, we have come Full Circle. From beginning – to end – to beginning.

not knowing
half knowing

Article by Mary George



Full Circle Half Knowledge
Julia Schuster Artist-in-Residence 2017/18 Closing Exhibition
Mount House Gallery, Bath Road, SN8 1PA
open until 1st July 2018
Mon-Fri 2-5pm, Sat/Sun 11am-4pm

Video by Benedict Mears (C2 L6) and Theodore Reid (C2 L6) 

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