Remove Eurovision Song Contest

On Tuesday evening, the whole Remove gathered in the Ellis Theatre for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, organised by the Modern Languages Department.

Each of the 16 language sets in the Remove prepares a song in the language they are studying and performs it to an audience of pupils and beaks. In addition, the visiting French Exchange group from our partner school in Paris, Lycée Notre-Dame de Bury, include their own performance of a song in English. The aim of the evening is simple: to have fun singing in a foreign language, but the extra benefits are many, from the power of music to help memorise phrases to increased confidence in pronunciation and communication.

One of the six French sets opened the evening with Attention au départ, by Les Enfoirés, followed by a second French entry, Allez Ola Olé (Jesse Matador). The evening included a range of French songs by Stromae (Papaoutai), Mika (Elle me dit), Kids United (On écrit sur les murs) and Tal (Mondial). Spanish entries were La Bomba, by King África, La Roja Baila (Niña Pastori), Sofía (Alvaro Soler), La Macarena (Los del Río) and Asereje (Las Ketchup), concluding with a vibrant finale song, Waka Waka (Shakira).

In the other languages, the Germanists sang Eins zwei Polizei (Mo-Do), the Chinese sang 我要你那样 (I want it that way) (Backstreet Boys), the Russianists sang the Russian National Anthem and the Italian set performed Partiti adesso (Giusy Ferreri). The French Exchange group from Paris sang Rip Tide, by Vance Joy.

Rounding off a hugely enjoyable evening of foreign language songs, the judges awarded third place to the Italian group (Partiti adesso), second place to the French exchange group (Rip Tide), and first place this year to the Chinese song, 我要你那样. Many congratulations to all the Remove on a colourful and energetic evening of language singing!

Andrew Brown
Head of Modern Languages

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