Review: Skill-Up week

Skill-Up week takes place in the penultimate week of the Summer Term and is designed to help pupils in the Hundred begin the transition from the Lower School into the Sixth Form. The various options for the week are opportunities for them to make a head start on subjects that they will be studying at A-Level and/or develop key skills that will enable them to thrive in their final two years at the College and beyond. 

This year’s programme included a cultural trip to Milan and Genoa, a History trip to Berlin, a Geography trip to Iceland and a diving and conservation trip to Malaysia. Domestic options included the long-running and ever-popular creative writing trip to Pembrokeshire, an OA surfing trip to Wales, a cricket development week, the CCF summer camp and the Incrementum programme based at the College.

Thirty-five pupils from the College took part in Incrementum and were joined by 19 pupils and two members of staff from Marlborough College Malaysia. Throughout the week the pupils from both schools engaged in a variety of tasks designed to develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills. The tasks included raft-building, a locked briefcase challenge in the Memorial Library and various command tasks, such as leading a team of blindfolded students through a course without using human language or touching them! This final challenge caused much hilarity, but emphasised the importance of giving clear and direct instructions, and listening carefully. This was further developed by a group from Team Thinking, who worked with the four groups on how they present themselves and communicate with one another. The final task for the week was the delivery of the ‘School of Rock’ presentations in which pupils shared their thoughts about the future of the College following the 175 celebrations and what it means to be a Marlburian, which was inspired by the Master’s donation of the rock next to the Kennet building.

It was a fantastic week and the pupils engaged positively with each of the trips and activities. The pupils taking part in Incrementum greatly benefitted from the opportunity to interact with the group from MCM and it is hoped that the links between the two schools can be developed further. I look forward to expanding the programme further next year with additional trips and opportunities.

Henry Jones
Head of Hundred


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