2018 Harold Radford Rose Bowl

The 2018 Harold Radford Rose Bowl squash tournament was held at Marlborough College on Saturday 8th September, retained by Nick Fallowfield (B3 1981-85) with his third consecutive victory.

Current Marlborough pupils Theo Cadier (TU U6), Ben Spink (SU L6), Joshua Tate (LI Re), Jamie Porter (TU Hu) and George Oliver (B1 Hu) were all in action as they played warm-up fixtures against the OMs before the tournament began.

The round robin format gave all OM entrants plenty of squash and Fallowfield had won 13 consecutive games when he beat Alex Wildman (C2 1984-89) in the final.

OM players pictured from left to right are Peter Child (CO 1962-66), Charlie Horrell (B2 1976-81),  Nick Fallowfield (B3 1981-85), Alex Wildman (C2 1984-89) and Alasdair Campbell (C1 1978-81).

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