Marlborough Mound Trust Annual Lecture

Speakers: Jim Leary, Elaine Jamieson

The Marlborough Mound Trust Annual Lecture will be held in the Ellis Theatre at Marlborough College at 8.00pm on Monday 10th September 2018.

Entry to the lecture, titled ‘The Round Mounds project: From Medieval Mottes to Prehistoric Round Mounds’ is free.

Late Neolithic round mounds, such as Silbury Hill near Avebury, are among the rarest and least well understood monuments in Britain. Astonishing archaeological work undertaken at the Marlborough Mound (and funded by the Marlborough Mound Trust), however, has shown that this Norman castle mound was a reused Neolithic round mound, comparable in date to Silbury Hill. Could prehistoric round mounds therefore be more numerous and widespread than previously thought? Have many been hidden in plain sight for the past thousand years – incorporated into the fabric of later medieval castles?

This talk will discuss the results from the Leverhulme Trustfunded project Extending Histories: From Medieval Mottes to Prehistoric Round Mounds, which aims to discover the history of monumental mounds in the English landscape, and developed directly from the work at the Marlborough Mound. The lecture will bring together evidence from detailed analytical
earthwork survey, geoarchaeological techniques and a comprehensive dating programme to determine the date of construction, sequence of development and environmental context of 20 castle mottes from across England.

VIEW: Click here to discover the view from the top of The Mound

For further details please contact the Marlborough Mound Trust, tel: 01672 892390.

VIDEO: This 35-minute documentary explores the past, present and future of the Marlborough Mound. This film uncovers the history of the Mound, explaining its legacy to those unaware of its profound importance, and to those curious about the unknown.

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