Gallery: House Harmony

Marlborough College House Harmony is an occasion to celebrate shared talent through team work. This year did not disappoint!

Palpable anticipation filled the College as staff and pupils alike descended on the beautifully refurbished Memorial Hall on Thursday 4th October. Such a venue for this annual competition therefore required a similarly impressive adjudicator in the form of opera singer, director and professional vocal coach Maria Jagusz, giving the event a special sense of occasion.

The evening began with New Court’s take on Rhianna’s Russian Roulette which demonstrated some scintillating vocals and well controlled harmonies, evident also in performances by Ivy, Morris and Mill Mead respectively.

Making history by entering as the newly formed Dancy House, the girls certainly made an impression with a beautifully arranged and sincerely delivered Let it be, proving not to be the only house to take inspiration from The Beatles with both Preshute and Turner House singing arrangements of Imagine and Nowhere Man respectively; the latter showcasing new editions of Shell pupils making their singing debut at Marlborough.

What would a singing competition be without a momentary display of comedy from the boys of B1 with their rather unconventional, yet entertaining, interpretation of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. Points for sharp and coordinated attire indisputably must go to the boys of Barton Hill, which was similarly reflected in their vocals, presenting a delightfully sensitive rendition of Danny Boy.

Commendations were deservedly given by Maria to C3, for their innovative interpretation of Kayne West’s Ultralight beam, and Elmhurst for their arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s hauntingly beautiful Hallelujah.

However, only one house could be crowned 2018 House Harmony winners and this was duly awarded, for a second time in a row, to C1 who succeeded in capturing the attention of the entire hall with their arrangement of Fix you by Coldplay.

In addition to the wonderful musical talent that was presented on stage, the sense of occasion was made even more special by the genuine warmth, support and friendly encouragement that radiated from fellow Marlburians which clearly highlighted the strong sense of community that is so cherished by everyone at Marlborough College.

Congratulations to all involved!

Ross Norman
Graduate Music Assistant

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