Music Scholars’ Gala Concert

One of the most exciting but challenging events in the College’s musical calendar is the annual Music Scholars’ gala concert held in London. It’s exciting in that, in the final analysis of performance we witness some truly talented young musicians, excelling in the delivery of the complex art of chamber music; challenging in that in just three weeks such a programme is put together given all the time constraints of regular College life.

This year we switched venues after a 10 year stint at the Princess Alexandra Hall at the Royal Over-Seas League. The change worked well in so much as the David Josefowitz Hall at the Royal Academy Music is a purpose-built recital hall for exactly the type of music presented, offering a classy and intimate experience for both performer and audience alike.

There were some memorable performances to recall. All year groups were represented and there were contributions from strings, woodwind, brass, piano and choir. There were fanfares, negro spirituals, trios, quartets, concertos, and all were superbly crafted and presented, with plenty of sparkle and courage to match.

Congratulations then one all, for an event which set the bar high for all that is the come in the year ahead. How exciting.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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