Creative Activity Day in Art for Prep Schools

Twenty pupils from seventeen Prep Schools attended a super packed day at Marlborough College on Sunday 30th September, creating extraordinary high quality drawings and paintings.

Pupils began in the morning gathering thoughts creating a detailed mind-map on the theme of identity through place. They then moved to the Mount House Gallery to view Ray Ward’s exhibition entitled “Marlborough Mound and other Wiltshire Monuments” to gain technical and compositional inspiration. From there and armed with new knowledge, pupils drew direct from observation by the Mound. Back in the Art School studio a fervour of watercolour painting emerged over the drawings, based on Ray Ward’s technique, allowing translucency as the painting married with the pupils earlier drawing. The added bonus was Ray Ward visited and spoke to all just before pupils completed their paintings which were displayed in the Mount House Gallery for parents and staff to view and applaud. A really enjoyable, fun and creative day had by all.

Edward Twohig
Head of Art

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