Pupil Review: The Dunford Lecture

On Tuesday 18th September, Keith Gladstone came to give this year’s Dunford lecture to sports scholars, other pupils and staff on his life’s work as an osteopath.

Following on from a drinks reception with the scholars, he began his talk, entitled ‘Athletic Health’, discussing firstly the role he had played in the World’s Strongest Man competition. He worked closely together with many of the strong men throughout their careers to help with injury prevention and rehabilitation. We were shown a variety of photos and videos, one of which showed a strong man dropping a weight on his body and collapsing, not a sight for the squeamish person!

Early on in his career, Keith also worked at the MCC for Middlesex and is now working alongside Eddie Jones for England Rugby and will be joining them on the upcoming World Cup campaign in Japan.

He then went on to discuss his role behind the scenes on various TV shows, such as The Splash and The Jump, which requires celebrities to compete in various sporting events. One of the most interesting things he commented on was the difference in outlook of celebrities when compared with professional sports people in a competitive situation, such as this. He compared the reality TV star Joey Essex with the ex-England footballer Robbie Fowler and said how the drive for the sportsman was very much about the process and not the outcome when compared with the reality star who was normally solely focussed on the outcome.

Keith then went on to discuss success and the way it can be divided. He used an analogy of Russian dolls as building blocks of what we need to build on in order to be successful in whatever field we choose.

He ended with a short quiz to test our understanding and absorption of what he said. He gave out prizes to those who answered the questions correctly. Overall, the talk was very inspiring and we were given an insight into the life and work of an osteopath who has done a great deal with his career and reached the highest level in his field of work.

Lara Beckett (MO U6) and Elyssa Jones (LI U6)

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