Review: Mount House Gallery Exhibition

This September there was an amazing opportunity to see ‘Marlborough Mound and other Sites’ by artist Ray Ward, within the Mount House. The gallery contained some striking art, created by two completely contrasting techniques. The inspiration for this collection of works was based on the area where the artist lives, and little incidents which happen around him.

Through cycling and walking Ray realised, that often, people do not fully appreciate where they live. Therefore, he has shown the importance of looking around, which can lead to discovering the unusual out of the everyday, or the astounding historical monuments that can surround us.

The artist has revealed that his working process for his digitally manipulated art works consists of taking photographs and drawing on site, and then, spending the majority of time in his studio, editing using a vector computer programme. Ray Ward’s other extraordinary, though more traditional technique is egg tempera; a fast-drying painting medium that consists of coloured pigments mixed with a water-soluble binding medium, usually egg yolk, that was frequently used in the Medieval period before oil painting was invented.

This exhibition was one of the highlights for September, which has created many positive and inspirational vibes for Marlburians, members of staff and visitors to the gallery.

Review by Nicole Egorova (EL L6)

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