Otto Dix – An Online Exhibition

As part of the Memorial Hall Festival, the German and History of Art Departments collaborated on a joint project highlighting the work of the German artist Otto Dix, who was a combatant in the First World War.

Like many of the young men we commemorate in the Memorial Hall, Dix saw service at the Battle of the Somme, and like many Marlburians, was traumatised by his experiences in the trenches. He found that many of the sights he witnessed in the trenches haunted his dreams and waking thoughts, and he sought to exorcise them through a series of images he published in 1924 in his book Der Krieg.

The presentation we have prepared features images from this work alongside poetry written by German soldiers in the trenches, and a soundtrack of music composed at the Western Front by Walter Braunfels. The German poems have been translated by Sixth Form pupils, and Dix’s etchings are complemented by German wartime photography held in the College Rare Books Collection. It is our hope that these images, voices, and sounds from across the lines help remind us of our common humanity, and the general suffering brought upon Europe and the world in that mighty conflict.

Simon McKeown (Head of History of Art) and Tina Rainer (Head of German)


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