Sporting Reflections: Week 9

Last Thursday saw a fantastic day that summed up the breadth and depth of sport at Marlborough. Basketball secured a draw against Wellington and the Fives players were in fine form. It was wonderful to see Malvern College out in force, but exciting to see our U15s and U14s dominant. Rackets saw some exciting matches, with a win for the Colts 1st Pair and some hard- fought contests for the Seniors and Junior Colts. The Yearlings were finding form when sadly the match was abandoned due to an injury.

Shooting brought home a thrilling victory, ending Wellington’s ten-year unbeaten streak at home. As you can imagine there was high excitement among the Marlborough team. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching some of my first fencing matches and it was super to see Marlborough compete extremely proficiently against Dauntsey’s. The juniors, in particular, dug deep and found another level as they entered the last bout and brought home a superb victory.

Football returned in glory having turned over Charterhouse 1st XI and 2nd XI, with a score of 4-2 for both teams. This was an outstanding result and supported the opinions that Marlborough football is fielding some of its strongest teams for some time. The 3rds and 4ths also had high scoring and competitive matches, with Charterhouse prevailing.

Last week saw a tremendous set of results in Hockey. Thursday saw the 1st XI take on RGS Worcester in the second round of the England Hockey Tier 1 Cup Competition. In a highly competitive match the girls dominated throughout and came away as comfortable winners with a final score of 6-1. Saturday saw the first clean sweep of the season with all our teams beating opposition from Bromsgrove School. The 3rd XI and 4th XI took on a 1st XI and 2nd XI respectively from Downe House School, the 3rd XI rose to the occasion and played some of their best hockey to date but were unfortunately unable to convert their chances into goals and were defeated 2-0, the 4th XI came away as comfortable winners (4-0). This week’s results totals: Won 11, Drew 0 and Lost 1; 64 goals were scored and only 13 conceded – impressive!

Rugby also saw a successful day, with conclusive wins across Colts, Junior Colts and Yearlings teams. There were some gutsy and determined performances and it was fantastic to see the Colts 2nd team play with such flair and skill on Hammersly – a truly superb performance both as a team and from individuals. It was also worthy of note to see the Colts 1st team, whose game was cancelled, out in force watching and supporting, filling water bottles and living up to the sense of sportsmanship and identity which we work so hard to develop in the pupils. There was a clear sense of pride to be representing the College on every level, whether playing or supporting. It was a shame to see the Junior Colts leave the National Cup at round 3, running in second to Wellington College. More importantly however, than the result, was the spirit with which the boys played; it was a hard-fought contest with tries on both sides and the determination, desire and commitment which the boys brought to the game was clear for all, who were supporting, to see. It was some of the best Rugby I have seen this side play and I felt that they did the College proud on many levels.

For Lacrosse we hosted Claremont Fan Court School and the 1st XII secured a fantastic victory 11-6. There was a superb atmosphere throughout the U15 A match and it was tightly contested with Claremont emerging the final winners. At U14A level, we still have a lot to learn and it was clear that the Claremont girls have been playing for a considerable amount of time already. It was rewarding, however, to see the girls maintaining high spirits and determination in their quest to compete.

As always, at this time of year, as the temperatures drop and the rain falls it is testament to the tenacity of the pupils and the commitment of the staff that the fixtures stay in place and that training continues to progress. It has added a good sense of variety for teams to train in a variety of locations and conditions this week and has revealed once again the good humour and enthusiasm of the average sporting Marlburian.

Rebe Horton
Director of Sport
Twitter: @MCol_Sport

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