Review: Wind Department Concert

It’s fairly common knowledge that brass playing in the College is going through something of a purple patch, or perhaps even platinum. We have a very strong set of Upper School trumpets, trombones and saxophones, and two budding young tuba players, and it manifests itself in some pretty special playing.

There was no better example of this than the woodwind, brass and percussion Christmas concert in the Memorial Hall where the Big Band in particular was nothing short of spectacular. If you add Timon Staehler’s (C2 L6) brilliant jazz piano into that equation it made for something truly uplifting and enthralling.

That’s not to say that the woodwind and percussion aren’t producing the goods too. They are, and with a variety of age and stage on display this not only offered a concert of really inclusive music making but a concert that was illuminated by individual moments of enterprise and talent alongside.

Congratulations then to all involved, with a particular mention on this occasion to the excellent direction offered by Alex Arkwright, Sacha Johnson and Hayley Lambert, who, with their expertise and energy, coaxed the very best from a fine group of young musicians. Platinum indeed.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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