Review: Advent Celebration

Wednesday 28th November was a very special evening of linguistic and musical talent in a cross-departmental collaboration, showcasing the diverse talents and cultural appreciation of the pupils and staff of Marlborough in the befitting beauty of the Adderley.

The sequential Advent readings were conveyed stylishly in Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. And if this variety of language did not suffice the listener, the Reverend Dr Blokland offered an addition to this already rich assortment, giving her blessing in Dutch to complement this multi-linguistic celebration.
Biblical readings were neatly interspersed with songs, with music set by Vivaldi, Caccini, Chilcott, Wolf and Mozart to name but a few. To read a text in a second language is a challenge, but to musically interpret and perform this text through song is certainly a brave and challenging affair, but one that the students embraced in the usual Marlburian spirit, performing with admiral aplomb. A special mention must also be made to Clare Toomer for providing such wonderful accompaniment on the piano throughout the evening.

Evenings such as this are indeed exceptional, in which we have a rare opportunity of gathering around a piano in song and, not only to celebrate Advent, but to celebrate our diversity: our diversity of language, of different traditions and of different cultures. This was certainly captivated by this wonderful evening through the talent and dedication of the pupils and staff at Marlborough.

A delightful occasion enjoyed by all.

Linguists: Ben Burdett (B1 Re), Cecilia Chancellor (EL Re), Mikhail Mashinskiy (CO Re), Lissy Tomacelli Filomarino (MM Re), Annabel Chessher (LI U6), Eve James (IH L6), Lissy Thomas (NC U6), India Craig-Harvey (PR L6), Jade Galliford (MO Re), Emma Kirkwood (MM Re), Daisy Pank (MM Re), Kitty Astor (MM L6), Kiyomi Hanson (DA L6), Rosie Pembroke (EL L6), Izzy Thompson (MM Re) and Harmony Allen (NC L6)

Singers: Clara Hutchinson (NC Hu), Rose Olver (EL Hu), Ella Seton (DA Sh), Bella Bowman (MO Sh), Finn Kverndal (C1 U6), Francesca Coles (EL Hu), Timon Staehler (C2 L6), Benedict Woodward (TU Sh) and Tate Oliphant (MO L6)

Ross Norman
Graduate Music Assistant

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