Gallery: Harry Potter Night

On the evening of Thursday 7th February, the Memorial Library joined hundreds of other schools, libraries and bookshops across the country in celebrating Harry Potter Book Night; and plenty of Marlborough College Potter fans turned up to help us out.

The Hogwarts Express steamed in to Platform 9¾, laden with goodies including Ferrero Rocher golden snitches, and Hagrid’s ‘Happee Birthdae Harry’ cake. The Butterbeer was flowing, and Hagrid (aka, Head Librarian Mr Burton, styled by the drama department) was also there to oversee the Triwizard Cup Challenge, consisting of three magical events:

A scavenger hunt through the house common rooms: thank you to the English department for lending us their classrooms for the evening!

Transfiguration class: transforming one item into another, via the magical medium of play-dough

Exams: A Harry Potter trivia quiz to test even the most ardent of fans

There was stiff competition among the four Hogwarts houses, but at the end of the evening, Ravenclaw took the cup for the first time! The Library team would like to thank everyone who came along and made it such a magical evening.

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Victoria Williams
Assistant Librarian, The Memorial Library

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