Review: Dr Luke Skrebowski

Some of the College’s art historians enjoyed an important lecture on Wednesday evening given by Dr Luke Skrebowski from the University of Manchester’s Department of Art History.

Dr Skrebowski’s theme was Pop Art and Modernism, and he took as his focus the giant panel painting “F-111” by the American artist James Rosenquist. With admirable analytical precision, Dr Skrebowski took the students through the various elements of this monumental work, explaining that its apparently random aggregation of disparate imagery coheres into a thoughtful and challenging meditation upon the anxieties arising at a critical stage of the Cold War. They were also presented with the convincing thesis that this most technologically conscious picture was deeply imbued with pictorial traditions of great antiquity, including elements of landscape and still life.

In all, the pupils benefitted greatly from this masterclass in close scrutiny, supported by firm archival and historical research.

Dr Simon McKeown
Head of History of Art

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