Review: Katyuli Lloyd

Marlburians received the opportunity to join a very informative talk given by illustrator Katyuli Lloyd (MO 1998-03) during Visual Arts Week, on illustrating Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Flush’ and Katyuli’s other recent and successful projects.

Katyuli told us that when studying at Cambridge for an Illustration M.A., students were encouraged to ‘work on finding your style and your voice’. This way, students were informed, it will be easier to find out one’s own visual aesthetic, rather than being inspired by other artists. Gradually, Katyuli found her own passion and style whilst regularly observing her dog. After spontaneously deciding to enter her illustrations to competitions for the novel ‘Flush’, during her MA studies, Katyuli was delighted to be shortlisted for both the V&A Illustration Awards and World Illustration Awards in 2016.

In Brazil, a short period later, a publishing house was involved in creating books by Virginia Woolf. They contacted Katyuli and asked for the rights for her illustrations of ‘Flush’, to accompany their publication. An illustrated version had not been published since 1933, when it was then undertaken by the artist, Vanessa Bell (Virginia Woolf’s sister).

In terms of her style, Katyuli mentioned that when studying, it was recommended that illustrators should draw every day, filling up sketchbooks with visual observations, which may then become inspiration for illustration projects. We were all very pleased to be able to also view a number of Katyuli’s sketchbooks during her talk. For ‘Flush’, Katyuli translated a number of her studies into illustrations that were rendered and resolved, using the digital editing programme, Photoshop.

Thank you to Katyuli for an insightful and honest talk on how to study to become an illustrator.

Review by Nicole Egorova (EL L6)

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