Review: Pupils’ Evening Recital

This event, hosted by the Music Department, gives pupils the vehicle in which to perform pieces they are currently working on in a more formal environment, set in the wonderful acoustic of the Memorial Hall.

Jason Kellinger (C3 L6) opened the evening with a bright and lively performance of Flor Peeters’ Sonata for trumpet, 1st movement with its rather playful refrain theme. This was followed by an excellent solo on the Marimba by Henry Dukes (BH Re) who not only demonstrated technical proficiency, but got into the humour of this rather comic piece. What would a musical recital be without the sophisticated tones of J S Bach, and Isla Scott (DA Re) certainly performed the 1st movement of Bach’s Violin concerto in A minor with great style and maturity. Isla then joined Poppy McGhee (NC Sh), Allegra Hannan (NC Sh) and Hector Scott in Carl Bohm’s Quartet for four violins in which they projected a confident, technically assured and highly professional performance.

Next up was the mass ranks of the Junior Percussion Ensemble with Chris Brooks’ Backroads of Medellin. For a group composed of Remove and Hundred students they certainly brought Brooks’ piece alive with an exhilarating and energetic sound. The might of such an ensemble was juxtaposed with the grace and beauty of Saint-Saёns’ The Swan in which Francesca Coles (EL Hu) elegantly conveyed the gentle gliding of a swan with much emotional intimacy and tenderness. Poppy McGhee’s unaccompanied performance of Bach’s Gigue from Partita no 2 in D minor, was given with much aplomb, demonstrating great technique and musicality well beyond her years.

The Senior Percussion Ensemble impressed with Josh Gottry’s Chipboard where their four-part rhythmic counterpoint displayed impressive concentration and counting skills! The final four performances of the evening were solo sixth form performances and highlighted the very best of Marlborough’s musical talent: Myia Scott’s (MO L6) technically assured Andante and Presto of Telemann’s Viola Concerto in G major; Finn Kverndal’s (C1 U6) engaging and emotionally captivating piano solo of Debussy’s Pagodes; Issy Haynes’ (U6) simply beautiful interpretation of the 3rd movement of Rachmaninoff’s cello sonata; and a sincere and honest piano performance of Medtner’s Canzona Serenata by Florence Tuckey (EL L6).

This was a most successful and enjoyable evening and congratulations must go to all pupils for their dedication and passion in their own music making. Particular thanks should be extended to the peripatetic music teachers for their expertise and support, as well as to the accompanists, Marius Baldrey and Clare Toomer.

Ross Norman
Graduate Music Assistant
Twitter: @MCol_Music


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