TED Talks – Finalists Confirmed

Well, after three heats and ten illuminating talks, we have our four TED Talks finalists. Harmony Allen (NC L6), Lena Barton (MM L6), Theo Dixon (BH L6) and Jess Reeve (NC L6) will speak again on Tuesday 12th February in The Garnett Room to a packed house.

Each engaged, challenged and intrigued in their opening gambits, but the pace has been set, and each will be looking to raise their game for the final. Our adjudicators-in-residence, messes Wilmett, Woodford and Jerstice will be joined by our special guest adjudicator, Mr Jaideep Barot, erstwhile Deputy Head (Academic) at Marlborough and now Headmaster of Bristol Grammar School.

But what of those that didn’t make it through? Glad you asked! Well we had a beautiful stop-motion piece of animation from Sophie Elvin (NC L6); a well delivered and convincing comparison of Donald Trump and Forrest Gump by Ollie Gardner (PR U6); Sam Bucks (CO L6) offering a glimpse at the world of high fashion and contextualisation of perception; environmental concerns from Ben Place (C1 L6) and Ella Hall (MM L6) and the first competitor from Swindon Academy, Nathan Stratford, giving an appraisal of the Swindon Fire Service. Nathan’s courage in entering such an alien environment and delivering the goods cannot be ignored, and it is to be hoped that he is the first of many.

So, Tuesday 12th February in The Garnett Room at 5.30pm. Come along, join in and pick a winner!

Steve Clayton

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