Art Scholars’ Exhibition ‘Identity’

On Friday 8th March, the 2019 scholars’ exhibition was opened by Miss Baker, Head of Art at Ludgrove School and former art teacher to two of our scholars, Edward Bentley and Rapha de Segunda. Tasked by Artist in Residence Siobhan Humston and Head of Art Mr Twohig to make a piece of art within the theme of ‘Identity’, every scholar rose to the challenge and presented at least one piece, each expressing their own take on the theme. The opening night was very well attended, with lots of pupils, staff and parents dropping in to have a look.

Since September we have been meeting weekly to work on handmade research journals, recording anything and everything we wanted, resulting in a unique book for each of us, as well as specific projects leading into the theme of the exhibition. The standard of work was very high from the Shell right through to the Upper Sixth, and highlights included Edward Bentley’s (B1 Sh) gorgeous mixed media ‘The Tree of Life’, Ella Seton’s (DA Sh) untitled drawing on linen and Jessica Reeve’s (NC L6) acrylic painting ‘Puella Aeterna’.

On behalf of all the scholars, I would like to thank Siobhan and Mr Twohig for making our sessions so engaging and creating such a lovely exhibition, and I know we are all so pleased that Siobhan will be with us for another year! – Millie Perry (MO L6)

Here’s what some of the Scholars had to say about their favourite pieces:

Jamie Walker (SU Re) on Ella Seton’s botanical print and ink on linen piece:
This piece shows great relevance to where Ella lives; the planted ferns represent her home and the drawing is of Edinburgh. I really like this because for many a house defines them and what others associate with them. This also shows where she goes for holidays being a comfort to her, and to me that also defines a person. Finally, I love how subtle the printing and the drawing are and how well they complement each other to a make a whole piece of art.

Jessica Reeve (NC L6) on Francesco Faccini’s (CO L6) ink drawing:
Confidence with wide expanse of bare land that occupies half of the paper; this expanse is as important, if not more important in informing the atmosphere of the work. The stylized landscape exudes a tranquil and accepting atmosphere while the pop of colour around the figure expressed more intrigue in his identity. Although Francesco depicts a male teenager, due to the anonymity of the blank face, this figure could in fact be relating to anyone, depending on how the viewer interacts and connects with the image.

Max Baldock (C2 Re) on Eva Stuart’s (MO Hu) graphite drawings on paper:
The themes of surgery and identity are fascinating, just the detail alone in this piece is incredible. The annotations are brilliant and thought provoking, the eye being particularly powerful staring back at the viewer as a single tear forms.

Abi Edwards (MO Sh) on colour prints by Luli Chambers (MO Sh) of drawings in progress:
I like Luli’s pop art inspired collection of twenty pieces because of how the face gradually emerges, and how, without an eye it is less identifiable. Also interesting is how the separate pieces are not perfectly lined up.

Luli Chambers (MO Sh) on Nell Hargrove’s (IH U6) Acrylic, collage on panel paintings ‘Floating Next’:
I like Nell’s painting because of the abstract style, the colour palette and their differences to each other. The first painting is more abstract than the other two; the second is of her closest friends in a boat and I like the style of painting that she has used. The third painting is similar to the second but her friends are less visible. I enjoy how the colours used bring all three paintings together.

Isdi Newall (MO Sh) on Alara Fuchs’ (MO Re) mixed media piece ‘The Mirror’:
I like this piece because of the high contrast – the white outlines and the black background go really well together. Also, I enjoy how it is separated into sections, like a puzzle.

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