Gallery: Invitational Lacrosse Tournament

Marlborough College played host to an annual Invitational Lacrosse Tournament on Saturday 23rd March, featuring 28 teams from eight schools in a round-robin style end of season tournament.

In comparison to last year (where the beast from the east cancelled the tournament!) we were very fortunate enough to have fantastic weather with some high level lacrosse played across all four age-groups.

The U15 tournament was particularly close and well-fought amongst all competing schools. Congratulations to St Mary’s Calne who were successful winners in all four age groups. The Marlborough College 1st XII came an impressive third in their pool, with the Upper Sixth playing their final fixtures for the College. The age group results are displayed below.

1st Team:
1st St Mary’s Calne
2nd Sherborne Girls
3rd Marlborough College

2nd Team:
1st St Mary’s Calne 2nd
2nd Stowe
3rd Canford 1st

1st St Mary’s Calne
2nd Sherborne Girls A
3rd Cheltenham Ladies’ College

1st St Mary’s Calne A
2nd Godolphin A
3rd Sherborne Girls School

Thank you to Northern Soul Lacrosse and DBA Sports for vending at the tournament. Thank you also to the Sixth Form girls who raised money for Epilepsy Action and Kenya Lacrosse.

A final thanks to all Marlborough College staff who assisted in the organisation and smooth running of the day; it would not have been possible without your hard work and generosity.

We look forward to hosting this end of season tournament again in 2020!

Antonia Hudson
Head of Lacrosse

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