South African Adventure

Marlborough College was delighted to play host to a touring golf and squash party from Bishops College, Cape Town.

Our South African guests provided stiff competition over the course of the two days, playing an 18-hole match against our best golfers at Marlborough Golf Club and competing in a triangular squash fixture against the College and St John’s.

The camaraderie in which the matches were played was first-class and will live long in the memory of those who took part. Following the matches, our golf and squash players hosted a formal dinner with their opponents.

Joseph Lane, Master i/c Golf, said: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable to host our South African guests who were highly competitive as we expected!

“We congratulate them on the standard of their play and wish them well with the rest of their UK tour. Our golfers and squash players also did very well and acted as excellent ambassadors for the College.”

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