UK Linguistics Olympiad

The College once again took part in the UK Linguistics Olympiad this year. The competitors were thrown snatches of Welsh, Mongolian, Ndebele and Braille, among others.

The requirement to identify the grammar, syntax and meaning of these unknown languages is a fiendish intellectual challenge, rewarding those who can see the patterns they contain and then apply their thinking with rigorous logic.

Top honours went to Lena Barton (MM L6) who achieved the exceptional feat of winning a Gold Award at Advanced level. Lissy Thomas (U6 NC), Eve James (IH L6), Eleonore Debs (IH L6) and Claudie Grainger (IH U6) won a Bronze Award. Max Woodford (SU Sh) was the best of the Intermediate candidates; it will be interesting to see how he fares at advanced level next year.

Anyone wishing to have a go at the papers can find them here.

Tom Kiggell

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