Visit to Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize

We travelled to Drawing Projects UK in Trowbridge, where the new centre is currently hosting 69 artworks selected for the prestigious national competition. We were met by Professor Anita Taylor, artist and also its Director, who introduced us to the touring exhibition, project spaces and training room, workspaces for artists and Studio Café.

The exhibition displayed 67 contemporary artists’ original works, selected from over 1,700 entries. A piece by Michael Angove was also included who, last year, gave us a creative workshop at the College and exhibited his finely detailed trompe l’oeil works within the Mount House Gallery. For the competition, he showed this intricate technique within his work ‘Carbon Unit’, which looked from afar as though he had stuck parcel tape onto a piece of paper, creating the rough shape of a figure. However, on closer inspection, one was able to see the extreme detail that he had put into rendering the creases and shadows that parcel tape would create, whilst solely using colour pencil.

Another interesting and impressive work called ‘Windows’ was by Marie Harnett, which displayed a voyeuristic piece depicting a scene of two couples through their separate windows, which aimed to draw the viewer in and create a connection between the figures. There were many other captivating works, including a moving sketch by Julie Held, titled ‘The Hospital’, which sensitively portrayed her father in a hospital bed during the final stage of his life.

It was fascinating to view all the different ways one can explore and use mark-making within the context of drawing to create such contrasting pieces and see how contemporary artists are furthering the practice through their creativity.

Review by Freddie Smith (C2 L6)


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