Engineering Education Scheme

This year, nine Lower Sixth engineers are taking part in the Engineering Education Scheme. The scheme is a long established and well-recognised programme that partners pupils with engineers to solve real world problems.

Over the course of the project, pupils are encouraged to show enterprise, creativity and innovation whilst gaining extensive experience of problem-solving, team-working and project management. Nothing is timetabled and so the teams are expected to manage fitting in the approximately 100 hours that the project will take into their already busy lives. It’s all part of the challenge.

Our two industrial mentors this year are Praxair Surface Technologies and On Semiconductors. The Praxair team are working to improve the efficiency of a turbine blade coating technique and the On Semiconductors team are using machine learning to develop a smart bin that automatically sorts recycling.

A big development for next year will be the conversion of the Leaf Block attic into an engineering and innovation lab. This will give our engineers a permanent base from which to develop their projects, with a 3D printer and desktop CNC machine enabling the rapid prototyping of their ideas. It really is a fantastic time to be a budding engineer at the College. I almost wish I was a student again.

Dr Simon Flatres
Teacher of Mathematics
Academic Software & Database Engineer

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