Review: Battle of the Bands

Now in its fifth year, Battle of the Bands is an established fixture. Whilst it is something of a ‘light touch’ event and conducted in tremendous spirit, it is keenly contested and produces some fine individual and collective performances. This year was no exception, with competitors clearly relishing the opportunity to demonstrate their considerable talents in front of peers and staff to excellent effect.

The occasion falls on the first weekend of the summer term and as it’s a ‘closed weekend’ attendance is healthy, particularly as the event is surrounded by charity stalls and the raucous tug of war, which add to the overall atmosphere.

Mr Baldrey and Mr Finlay should be congratulated for their excellent organisation of this event and with special praise and thanks to Mr Baldrey in this, his last term at the College. There were no weak links in the competition this year, which gave our adjudicator, Jonny England, a difficult task in selecting a runner up and winner. It would be invidious to single out a number of notable performances, but suffice to say that every House contributed with commendable enthusiasm and no shortage of technical quality supported in the summary by Mr England, who remarked that he would have willingly paid to hear a number of groups at a professional festival.

In the end, the runners up were Mill Mead (Biba Tarn (MM Hu) worthy of special mention here) with the first prize awarded to C1 where Finn Kverndal (C1 U6) should be congratulated once again for his excellent contribution.

Altogether, then, a fantastic, spirited, happy moment which set the tone for the term ahead.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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