Southfields’ Sketches: Reflections from the Senior Chaplain

After a marvellous term of accomplishments and discoveries, the College is now on Easter break.

Last Sunday, Mr. Robert Black from the U.K. Defence Academy in Shrivenham offered an amazing and informative and insightful and somewhat harrowing talk in the Memorial Hall about the future of Cyber Warfare. Pupils offered my old friend from Ridley College their undivided attention during a stunningly informed presentation.

In midweek Chapel, I spoke about the power and importance of imagination and Annabelle Hannon, LVIth in New Court, played the hymn – I vow to Thee.

Sam Elviss (B1 Re) went to Swindon Mosque with me on Tuesday, along with other faith leaders in Marlborough, to offer a show of support to the Muslim community during their prayers in light of the terrible happenings in New Zealand. Afterwards, we met with the Imam and enjoyed delicious Samosas and tea! It was a wonderful, connection-making occasion. BBC Wiltshire interviewed Sam, without prior warning, and his responses were calm and collected and wise. Well done Sam!

Lists on Friday was concluded with a Chapel service and the Master’s words were wonderful to hear. Encouragingly, she absolutely assures us that, academically at Marlborough, it is now ‘cool to work’! What is already an academic school is getting even more studious. Great news.

Have a blessed Easter, and may the power of the resurrected Christ show itself in your life.

Every blessing,

Reverend Tim Novis
Senior Chaplain
Twitter: @MCol_Chapel

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