Sunday Talk: Girls in Action

It was a pleasure to be able to give one of the Sunday evening talks on 28th April about Girls in Action to a busy room of staff and students alike. I spoke about my previous volunteering trip to Zambia with The Wallace Group, a group of eight universities, charities and organisations which started when they wanted to educate people on life skills through the involvement in sport.

Whilst I was there, I coached netball, tried to set up a netball hub, coached disability sport and facilitated the Girls in Action project at Fountain of Hope, my placement site. Fountain of Hope is a school with an orphanage attached where they house 120 children. It is a hub of activity in the community. Girls in Action is one of the schemes that the Zambian NGO Sport in Action run to give girls whether they are in school or not, the opportunity to gain some life skills and education. They learn about things such as contraception, relationships, peer pressure, gender based violence and social media awareness. For me, it was the most rewarding part of the whole project that I was involved in and an area which I believe the pupils of Marlborough College can appreciate the importance of.

I hope, with this talk I have inspired some of the pupils to step out of their comfort zones and consider volunteer projects like this one abroad. If you would like to support the projects I mentioned then please donate to The Perfect Day Foundation, which sponsors children through school and funds the sports projects that run in communities like the one at Fountain of Hope.

Lily Gray
Graduate Assistant, Sport

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