History and the Arts – China Trip

Our excellent group has returned safely and is now doubtless digesting the thousands of things everyone’s learnt! We’ve encountered much: from Song landscape
painting to Tang poetry (Du Fu and Li Bai); from Ming cosmic city planning to Qing flirtations with European Rococo style; from Mongol and Manchu raiders to opium wars; from pirlins to eaves; from bell towers to drum towers; from terracotta to Chinoiserie; from calligraphy on stele to modern internet censorship; from tai chi to Qingming; from Silk Road souks to
modern malls; from Mongolian hotpots to Peking duck to Pingyao vinegar to Macdonalds (which brightened everyone’s day in Pingyao, for some reason).

This booklet is a short memento of the trip, which – though long (and intense) in the planning – was happily smooth and thoroughly enjoyable in the execution, not least because of the interest and good behaviour and manners shown by everyone.

Christopher Moule
Head of History

China Trip Booklet – Click Here

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