Oscar Foundation Visit

This October, Marlborough College will be hosting the OSCAR U17 UK Boys’ Football Team and will be providing the OSCAR squad with many life-changing and new experiences, in addition to playing a football match.

The OSCAR Foundation (Organisation for Social Change Awareness and Responsibility) is an Indian charity working with underprivileged children living challenging lives in slum communities. OSCAR uses football to engage girls and boys in education. Young children are often sent out to do poorly paid, dangerous work; early marriage and youth pregnancies are common. Education gives them the tools to change their lives. OSCAR kids take part in football, education, life skills and computer programmes, but OSCAR has one rule: no school, no football! Of the 4,000 OSCAR kids, over 80% regularly attend school.

The UK tour is a dream come true for the OSCAR boys, who never thought they would own a passport or fly on a plane. The squad is working hard on English and football skills, and is very excited to learn all they can from College pupils.

The experience at Marlborough College will inspire the boys to return to their community as role models, to stay in education and give them the confidence to change not only their lives but those of their families.

As a school, we want to be part of this progress, but OSCAR need to raise funds with a donation link here.

John Carroll
Head of Upper Sixth

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