Review: Printabilities

Since the Renaissance prints on paper have been in circulation. They were a way for artists and thinkers to spread their ideas across the known world. Prints are by nature a multiple, they exist multiple times in different guises. In the past, printmaking has often been seen as a way to ‘reproduce’ a painting or a sculpture to create a more affordable version.

Contemporary artists however are interested in the special material and conceptual qualities of printmaking. Joseph Beuys said: “I’m interested in the distribution of physical vehicles in the form of editions because I’m interested in spreading ideas.” New technological advances have always informed the way artists use the medium. From Etching to Lithography, from Screen printing to Digital and 3D print, artists love to combine and reinvent these techniques to find their very own mode of visual communication.

From Friday 26th April to Thursday 9th May, Marlborough College hosted an exhibition of fine art prints organised by Christina Rich, Head of Art at St George’s International School in Cologne. The exhibition comprised of work created by art pupils and professional artists with an aim of showcasing a range of visual ideas and techniques associated with contemporary printmaking.

Below are a few images taken from the exhibition.

Ian Wilkins (Art Department) &
Christina Rich
(Head of Art at St George’s International School)

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