1,000 books destined for MCM

Each year, the Memorial Library accessions approximately 2,000 new books; invariably this means we need to make room, but what happens to the books we remove?

Since I visited Marlborough College Malaysia last year, and at the behest of Alan Stevens, the Master of Marlborough College Malaysia, we have organised an annual shipment of books to our sister school. This year, close to 1,000 books have been boxed and collected, ready for shipment to Malaysia. This collection includes books on Science, Literature, Politics, History and a large number of fiction titles. We hope that these resources will aid Marlborough College Malaysia’s pupils in their academic endeavours, inspiring a new generation of pupils to go beyond textbooks and handouts to develop a deeper understanding of their subjects.

On an entirely selfish (shelf-ish) note – the collection of these books means we can start planning what we will fill the library up with next year!

James Burton

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