Artists Visit Royal Academy & National Portrait Gallery

On Monday 24th June, 57 Remove artists experienced the vast and diffuse array of artwork on display in this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Seeing such an impact on walls piled eight pictures high in some places was a test in “visual overload.” However, it was thrilling to see our pupils take this in their stride, make judgements, hone in on works that arrested or captivated their attention and “see” how the rooms were curated thematically linked to the environment, identity, interests, moods and mortality. A number of pupils spotted Ray Ward’s painting that was quietly resting in the Art School at the beginning of this year, as the photos show.

An enjoyable afternoon was spent at the National Portrait Gallery viewing and discussing works that are “visual mirrors” to the time we live as well as past epochs where art and history intertwine.

All this is “visual food” for these pupils in guiding them as they embark on their main GCSE coursework project.

Edward Twohig
Head of Art

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