Ray Ward at Royal Academy of Arts

From 12,000 entries, shortlisted to 2,392 and then funnelled down to 700, Ray Ward’s acrylic painting, About To Get Up Again (painted on card, 840 x 590 mm, pictured below) was selected by the committee of the Royal Academy for display in the 251st Summer Exhibition. This is no small feat, in-fact it is a major accolade for any artist. “I’m really pleased to be in” says Ray.

Run without interruption since 1769, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is the world’s largest open submission art show and brings together creativity in all mediums: drawings, prints and paintings, film, photography, sculpture, architectural works and more, by leading artists, Royal Academicians and household names as well as new and emerging talent.
It’s been in business for over 250 years and served the eras of more than 50 Prime Ministers, which makes the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition a beacon of “must see” light on the Summer scene. The Academy’s liberal values keep this yearly event in motion and a board of artists choose who is displayed with no bias and a free mind.
This spirit has kept the exhibition at the forefront of art discovery.

2019 Summer Exhibition – from 10th June to 12th August – is a way of taking stock. Of stepping back and travelling through a snapshot of art. Some compositions you’ll love, some you may loathe. The Summer Exhibition is the biggest single open-armed celebration of the arts.

Edward Twohig
Head of Art

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