Form Summer Festival

Once again, the Shell’s year of exploratory learning in Form culminated in two days of creative, practical and thinking challenges in the Form Summer Festival. Pupils could choose from 12 activities covering aspects of science, sport, the media, literature, film, textiles, ceramics, painting, television, music, psychology and geometry.

These included two trips away from the College, with the science department visiting the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, while the ESS department toured the Sky News and Sky Sports studios – as pictured above. Here in the school, two groups were involved in devising, scripting, performing, filming and editing their own short films and, in the art department, pupils were working in clay, hand-moulding, making and decorating plates, and throwing pots on the wheel. A room-filling mural was designed and painted by another group, depicting a marathon cycle scene which has now been installed in Turner as the backdrop to the House’s charitable project to cycle the distance to the moon and back. Musicians made professional-standard, multi-tracked recordings of their own music, covers of popular songs, and classical pieces and, in the theatre workshop, eight pupils designed and made unique ‘Steam Punk’ dresses.

Those interested in psychology explored the workings of memory, the structures of the brain, and the discoveries of seminal psychologists, as well as considering the extent to which Pixar’s film, ‘Inside Out’ reflects the real interactions between memory, emotion and personality. Mathematicians used geometrical theory to produce large-scale, two-dimensional designs on Leaf Block Lawn, which appeared in three dimensions when viewed from above.

Finally, with the help of Professor Owen Foster from Atlanta and the DT department, pupils took part in challenges and workshops to develop their innovative and creative thinking.

Andrew Gist

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