HATA Review of Poland Trip

See the link for an illustrated account, co-authored by pupils, of the recent HATA (History and the Arts) trip to Poland, run by the History Department.

We had a wonderful time, rich in beauty, culture and history – as well as the contemplation of horror (we visited the World War II Jewish ghetto in Krakow and the camps at Auschwitz). Pupils studied everything from Sygmunt the Old and Boleslaw the Forgotten to Chopin (a recital of whose music we attended) and Matejko; from Rabbi Remuh to Mickiewicz; from Kasimir the Great’s castles (Eagles’ Nests) to Turkish spoils captured by Jan Sobieski at the siege of Vienna; from the glories of Baroque architecture to the misery of Auschwitz.

Christopher Moule
Head of History

Booklet – Click Here

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