Incrementum 2019

Once again this year, 35 pupils from Marlborough College Malaysia joined 40 pupils from Marlborough College UK for the Incrementum course. This takes place in Marlborough College as a part of Skill Up week, and takes its name from the school motto “deus dat incrementum”.

The first three days were spent mixing with MCM on a number of team building activities – we started with football, volleyball, rounders and swimming on Monday, followed by a rota on Tuesday of events including Mr Burton’s “Locked in the Library”, Mr Finlay’s “Waterworld challenge”, and climbing and ziplining from trees in the Common Room Garden. That evening all pupils competed in mixed teams at the pub quiz, hosted by Mr Clark, answering an array of questions appealing to both groups of pupils.

On Wednesday we had a field day to Brimslade Farm for a host of fun activities involving navigation and some more tricky tasks with frisbees and tennis balls, and then waved goodbye to MCM who had to fly back for their Prize Day. We then had a walk, and when back in college began Mrs Sandall’s course on public speaking. On Thursday, we had a visit from the people at TeamThinking who helped everyone identify how their minds work, and how best to collaborate with others and play to your own strengths. Following this, we had some Scottish Reeling with Mr Finlay in the Marlburian.

The course closed on Friday with everyone actually delivering their speeches from the public speaking course, and all went off feeling ready for Sixth Form life.

Rebecca Thomas

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