MCCS: Ensemble Bash

The second concert in the 2019/20 Marlborough College Concert Series was given by the colourful and engaging Ensemble Bash. Now in their 27th year together, they have delighted audiences across the globe with their innovative and ground-breaking performances, which remain as fresh and as exciting as ever.

One could perhaps be forgiven for taking a few moments to tune into their wavelength, but once you do a whole world of sound opens up. Some of the more delicate rhythms and indeed the bells are almost hypnotic, whilst the impact of the ensemble in full flow on more percussive instruments is completely engrossing. The sheer number of instruments on display is pretty amazing too, (only when you assist with clearing the stage at the end of the concert and loading up the van do you realise quite how much kit there is!) and each of the players takes turns in demonstrating their considerable talents to the full.

No question, this is a contemporary programme, and indeed a very visual spectacle, but with their informative and, at times, witty verbal introductions to assist ones understanding of style and content, it is all pleasingly accessible.

In addition to the College’s Music Scholars, it was also good to see a number of other young audience members in attendance, one of whom remarked to me afterwards, “it was huge fun, and fascinating to see and hear so many instruments with such fantastic and original sounds …” He was right.

Philip Dukes
Artistic Director

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