Mural Restoration at Preshute Primary

Five of our Lower Sixth Artists are giving their time this term to restoring a mural at Preshute Primary school back to its former glory as part of the Outreach programme.

A replica of Georges Seurat’s painting ‘Bathers at Asnières’ was adorning the playground at the primary school but had become weathered and worn by successive winters. Our artists have brought it back to the art school and are working on it every Wednesday afternoon to revive the colours of this well known 19th century masterpiece. Additional features will be painted on the vacant side edges to give the mural greater visual impact.

So far the mural has been varnished to stop any further deterioration, and they’re now painting it with acrylic paint before it is varnished a final time to seal in the colours and protect it from the elements.

Jonathan Duplock

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