HATA Trip to Spain

Over half-term the History And The Arts Society (HATA) and the Upper School Scholars enjoyed a tremendous trip to Spain, on which pupils lectured on everything from Arab mathematics to 13th century battles to river systems to 19th century music, usually in places directly connected with the subject matter.

We saw Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba and Seville, and were busy in ‘classes’ or visiting sights from early morning till late into the night, when we had regular ghost story tellings as well as a flamenco evening, a religious procession, and plenty of magnificent tapas.

Click here to read a booklet about the trip with lots of photos, authored by the pupils.

Christopher Moule
Head of History


The trip was a truly immersive experience; leaving one with an all-encompassed view of the Reconquista through the exploration of elements ranging from the scientific to the musical.

Olive James (CO U6)

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